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About Nelly.com

Nelly.com is a leading player in online fashion for fashion and beauty-conscious girls between the ages of 18 and 35 years old. Nelly inspires daily with new fashion from some of our 700 different brands. Here you'll find clothing, shoes, underwear, swimwear, beauty products, accessories, and sportswear for every occasion. We get in over 300 new products every day from internationally well-known fashion houses and the company's own brands, such as NLY Trend, NLY Shoes, NLY Lingerie, and NLY Design.

Our Core Function

Nelly.com has a wide selection of the latest fashion trends for the young, trendy and outgoing demographic.

Our Vision

Nelly is to be the number one online fashion destination by providing inspiration and a wide selection of the latest trends and fashion musts for confident young women.

Nelly's Brand Values


We know what's new, trendy and happening now. Our target demographic can always find the latest trends and must-haves with us.


We offer that extra touch of glam to complete your looks.


Everyone looking for more glam in their life is welcome.


We always keep a young and fresh perspective.

Sustainability at Nelly NLY AB

We are currently working to update our sustainability strategy, which will take us into 2030. Our goal is to finish this plan in 2019. Our areas of focus are the Planet, People and Products. You can read below to find out what we’ve done in these areas throughout 2018/2019. Nelly NLY AB is part of Qliro Group and therefore does not have its own sustainability report. If you want to read Qliro Group’s sustainability report for 2018, you can find it at Qliro.com.


Climate Impact

As an initial step toward minimizing climate impact, we are measuring our inbound and outbound transports. Since 2017, we have reported emissions from business trips and outbound transports (from warehouse to customer) according to GHG Protocol Scope 3 based on 2016. In 2018, we even began measuring inbound transports (from supplier to warehouse).

In 2019, we joined STICA - The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action. STICA supports the Swedish fashion and textile industry’s work to minimize climate impact. The reporting model used is GHG Protocol and so far this year we have collected data for Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions) and will, in 2020, increase data collection for Scope 3 (emissions in the value chain). In cooperation with STICA, we have a combined aim to reduce climate impact no less than 30% by the year 2030, which would be on pace with FN’s “Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action".

Sustainable Transports

The planning phase of our own brands is one in which we intend to entirely eliminate the use of air transport. The primary means of importing transport for our own brands is boat and truck.

We encourage our carriers to use the greenest methods possible.

Our Journey

In 2019, we implemented an updated travel policy. We choose more environmentally friendly options whenever possible. We have also reexamined our routines to improve planning for the purposes of smarter travel.

The Circle of Fashion

Our goal is to produce Zero Waste. This means we do not throw away returned or discarded clothing, but rather we sell, donate or recycle them in collaboration with our partners Human Bridge and Recuprenda m.fl. We even go so far as to set up our own pop-up outlets.

With the intention of producing zero waste, we even changed all the wash tags of our own brands to recycled polyester in 2019.


We also work to minimize unnecessary plastic use for our operations. Among other things, we do this by reducing the number of plastic bags used in our sampling process.

In 2019, we developed/adopted the use of a new delivery bag. Our old black bag could not be recycled due to sorting difficulties caused by the black coloration. This is why we now have a pink bag, composed entirely of LDPE plastic, which provides an increase in the amount of recyclable material from 30% to 50%.


We are working to minimize energy consumption at our offices and warehouse.

One example of this is our newfound use of LED lighting at the warehouse.


Sustainable Material

We are currently determining which sustainable materials are available from our external brands in order to show the customer which sustainable alternatives we offer. We also review our own brands to determine which sustainable materials we want to offer the customer.

  • Recycled material
  • Organic Cotton
  • Cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative
  • Tencel™
  • Modal from Lenzing™
  • Viscose from Lenzing™
  • Ecovero™

Animal Rights

We support fur-free trade, which means we do not sell products with fur as defined below:

Fur does not include:

  • Leather, with or without hair, from animals born and slaughtered for the purpose of meat. Example: leather from cattle, elk, horse, deer, sheep, goat, and reindeer.
  • Material cut, shaved or brushed from live animals. Example: wool, angora and cashmere.
  • Synthetic material similar to fur.

The following is always considered fur for animal rights and/or welfare reasons:

  • Fur from karakul sheep (Persian fur).
  • Fur from rabbits.
  • Fur from dogs and cats.
  • Fur from seals.
  • Fur from pine marten.

Read more about our Animal Policy here

Chemical Control

We insist our suppliers deliver products that do not contain prohibited, unhealthy or environmentally harmful chemicals. The suppliers are contractually obligated to follow chemical regulations. The regulations are based on EU-law, REACH and the Textile Importers' Chemical Guide, which is updated twice a year.

Testing is done to ensure compliance with the requirements. If a product fails a chemical test, the order is stopped and a dialogue is held with the supplier to secure future production.

Quality Control

In 2018, we implemented new processes to ensure our own brands fulfill quality requirements in order to lengthen the lives of our products. During 2019, we also introduced a third-party review at the factories that manufacture our products in order to ensure smooth production.


Our employees are our greatest asset. We are convinced that in order to create fantastic results and feel good, the leadership and the workforce need to work hand-in-hand. That’s why, In 2019, we invested heavily in leadership through our own leadership programs. We also hold annual discussion forums with employees, during which we discuss ways in which everyone can contribute to a positive work environment.

We aim to promote sustainable lifestyles and a healthy work environment for our employees. In 2019, we increased the health & wellness allotment, we offer workouts during work hours and Nelly bikes as an alternative means of transport to and from the workplace. Our well-being group, Nelly Fun Squad, organizes ongoing activities to promote job satisfaction and the community of our employees to promote active implementation of our core values; Passion, Innovation, Together, and Smartness.

We work for equality and to be a brand which promotes inclusivity. With the Nelly New Faces initiative, we are changing the perception of what a model is and how they look – thus increasing the representation on our site. Not only that, we never retouch birthmarks, blemishes, etc. of our models.


We believe increased supply chain transparency is important for a more sustainable future. As a step in that direction, we will publish our supplier list for own brand production in 2020.

Social Supply Chain Responsibility

Since September 2018, we have been a member of Amfori BSCI - a business-driven initiative aimed at improving working conditions in the global supply chain. Amfori has over 2,000 members and supports companies in their effort to produce ethical supply chains.

We are only interested in working with suppliers who share our respect for human rights and are willing to collaborate with us to improve their business practices. All our suppliers must sign the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct which, among other things, includes health and safety, fair wage, and job stability requirements. To ensure these requirements are followed at the factories which produce our own brands, we conduct our own site visits and reviews with the help of third-party companies.

As of today, we employ suppliers who manufacture at factories in China, Turkey, England, India, Bangladesh, Italy, and Morocco.

You can find our Code of Conduct here


Our Code of Conduct includes guidelines about how we should treat one another, how we should behave in relations with suppliers and business partners and a whistleblowing function. All new employees must take note of the policy and sign prior to the start of employment.

In our supply chain - in the Code of Conduct - the section "Ethical Business Behavior" deals with corruption and bribery, among other things.

For more information, contact us via mail at sustainability@nelly.com

Our Markets

Nelly.com is currently active in the following geographic markets:

  • Sweden (since early 2003)
  • Norway (launched 2008)
  • Denmark (launched 2008)
  • Finland (launched 2008)
  • Germany (launched 2010)
  • Austria (launched 2011)
  • The Netherlands (launched 2011)
  • The EU site offers the possibility to shop within the EU (launched 2011)
  • UK (launched 2012)
  • France (launched 2013)
  • The international site offers the possibility to shop in countries outside the EU (launched 2013)
  • Belgium (launched 2014)
  • Poland (launched 2014)


If you want to send a letter to nelly.com, use the following address:
Nelly NLY AB/Nelly.com
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501 13 Borås

Visiting Address:
Lundbygatan 1
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Email contact: customerservice@nelly.com
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For press contact with nelly.com, send a message to press@nelly.com.

Nelly.com and NLYMan.com, legal name Nelly NLY AB (Org: 556653-8822), is owned by Nelly Group. Nelly Group's stock is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm's Mid cap listing under the name "Nelly". For more information, go to www.nellygroup.com.

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