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My Return

Have you received my return?

You will receive a return confirmation via email as soon as we have received your return. It may take up to 14-21 days for a return to be received and processed.
If you returned items from different orders in the same package, then it may take a day or two longer before the returns are processed. You will receive a return confirmation email for each order.

What does it cost to make a return?

If you use the return label included in the package, then there will be a 9,95 € return fee, regardless of the value, the number of items, and whether or not any items were kept.

For purchases on invoice, you pay this amount yourself, directly on the original AfterPay invoice. (Tip: If you use the fucntion for registering returns in MyAfterPay, then the 9,95 € is added automatically and the updated amount is calculated immediately.) For other payment methods, the 9,95 € is automatically deducted from the refund.

How does it work with returns if I paid with AfterPay invoice? Will I receive a new invoice with the updated amount?

As soon as we have received and processed your return at our warehouse, we will send a credit note to AfterPay for the amount (minus the return fee). It may take up to 21 days before the return can be processed. AfterPay will then send you an email with a confirmation of the credit note, and then you will be able to see the updated amount in MyAfterPay. Please note that the items you kept (plus any additional fees) still need to be paid before the due date of your invoice. The easieast way to do this is to use the return registering function in MyAfterPay. Using this function you can easily mark the returned items so that AfterPay will show you the correct amount left to be paid, including the 9,95 € return fee. This updated amount can then directly be paid by using the One-Click payment in MyAfterPay, without having to wait for the return to be processed at our warehouse. Using this function will also ensure that AfterPay will not send you any reminders while the return shipment is underway. Alternatively, you can also calculate the amount yourself, and make a manual payment to AfterPay using the payment details on the original invoice. In that case, please make sure to include the 9,95 € return fee in your calculation. In case of a full return (all items in an order being returned), you will only need to pay the 9,95 € return fee. To avoid reminders and possible reminder fees, we recommend using the return function in MyAfterPay.
Any further questions? Please contact AfterPay on their contact form or by phone 030 76239239 (Mon-Fri, 8-17)

If I send a return and order the same item in a different size, can I still get the same discount?

Definitely! If the discount or the offer is no longer valid, then just contact our customer service after you placed your new order. They'll help you get the same discount again.

Can I return items from different orders in the same package?

Yes, you can return items from different orders in the same return package. Just be sure, for each order, to include the part of the delivery note that contains the QR-code, and make sure the items from the different orders do not get mixed up. Also let our customer service know, so that we can make sure the return fee is only charged once.

Can I return sale items?

Absolutely! You have the same return rights for all items you order from us.

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